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Cigar PEG, Inc., Philanthropy through Fun

2014 Hospitality Suite Manchester Grand Hyatt Room # 477

NSA Fund Raising Party


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Cigar PEG, Inc. is a California Incorporated Non-Profit Public Charity, 501 (c)(3), that is dedicated to making a difference by employing "Philanthropy through Fun." We have had a track record of developing successful fundraising events, yearly since 1999. Why the funny name? Traditionally, our major yearly fund raising event has been a cigar party that coincides with the annual convention of the National Speakers Association. We support:



The Cigar PEG's Charitable Giving $485,000 (as of 11/27/13):

  • $235,000 USD to NSA's Foundation, since its inception in 1999 (as of 2012), the Cigar PEG has contributed funds specifically earmarked for the Professional Speaker Benefit Fund--making the Cigar PEG the largest single contributor to the Foundation.  www.nsaspeaker.org/about/foundation.shtml/ 

  • $140,000 USD to Laura's Hope www.laurashope.com/, a project administered through The Hereditary Disease Foundation. http://www.hdfoundation.org  

  • $40,000 USD to benefit John Alston, CSP, CPAE. In 2009 the Cigar PEG created an Emergency Relief Fund; the fund has collected over $35,000 and granted the monies to the Alston Family. Additionally, in 2010, the Cigar PEG gave the Alston Family a grant of $5,000.

  • $29,000 USD to the Cardiac Arrhythmias Research & Education (C.A.R.E.) Foundation (as of 2011). Their work supports the research and education of the Long QT Syndrome. http://www.longqt.org/.

  • 11,000 USD to Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation. http://www.sads.org 

  • $10,000 USD to the American Cancer Society (as of 2012). http://www.cancer.org/

  • $7,000 USD (through the Cigar PEG Emergency Relief Fund) to benefit Jeff Thredgold, CSP (also Cigar PEG High Roller & Eddie Award recipient) who was, in 2012, diagnosed with having Frontotemporal dementia.

  • $5,000 USD to the Dutch Charity, Marathon 365 Foundation, following the Cigar PEG's first International event in Amsterdam. http://www.wheelofenergy.org/ 

  • $5,000 USD to The Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation (NWPF). http://www.nwpf.org 

  • $3,000 USD to The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD). http://www.theaftd.org/ 

Make your unrestricted donation, in any amount. We gratefully accept donations in any amount; $1, $5, $10, $10,000. Please give what you can to help us in our important work. Or, mail your tax deductable check to: Cigar PEG, Inc., 1746 Calle Yucca, Suite 4, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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Questions about the Cigar PEG? Contact Ed Rigsbee, ed@cigarpeg.com or call him at 805-498-5720

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 Women & their Cigars

Please share your comments at the Cigar PEG Blog: http://cigarpeg.wordpress.com/2008/08/06/what-is-cigar-peg/ 


Make your unrestricted donation (any amount) to the Cigar PEG, a 501 (c)(3) public charity 

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The Cigar PEG is incorporated in California as a non-profit corporation. Cigar PEG, Inc. has received "Public Charity Status" from the Internal Revenue Service under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Effective date for contribution deductibility is February 8, 2006. EIN: 20-4570908. The Cigar PEG is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association.



Ed Rigsbee, Cigar PEG Founder & Executive Director, and Staff, welcome you to CigarPEG.com

For questions about the Cigar PEG please call Ed at 805-498-5720 or email to Ed@CigarPEG.com 

The next time you are in the Los Angeles area, give Ed a call and visit; perhaps even enjoy a cigar with him?

Read about the history of the Cigar PEG

Cigar PEG, Inc., Staff


Still Need More Convincing?


“I've been watching Ed Rigsbee build the Cigar PEG from nothing into a fundraising powerhouse 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) charity. I attended the first Cigar PEG event in San Antonio (1999) and have attended many since, including the 2007 extravaganza on the USS Midway in San Diego. While I have repeatedly told Ed that if he put half as much work into his career as the Cigar PEG, he'd be rich. Apparently being rich is not his prime driver.

Primarily, the Cigar PEG supports the National Speakers Association's Foundation. The work Ed does in keeping the charity going and time after time delivering results at the annual fundraiser is telling in itself. He has a passion for making a difference in the lives of others, be it in his strategic alliance consulting, or in his work running the Cigar PEG. I highly respect Ed's work and can gladly recommend him to anyone that desires results."

Jack Canfield, Co-author, "Chicken Soup for the Soul”



"The way I look at it, you can give money to a worthy charity, or; you can give money to a worthy charity and have the time of your life doing it. Since I prefer the latter, I have been a part of the CIGAR PEG since 2000 when I presented my first uncensored summary of the convention. Since then I have been an active participant every year and would encourage everybody to participate with me.

You are probably wondering what kind of genius it takes to develop the concept of a party with a purpose and turn it into the Cigar PEG. Well, wonder no more because Ed Rigsbee is the man behind the curtain. Ed combined the two things he is most passionate about, helping others and partying, into one organization and it is truly a success."

Dale Irvin CSP, CPAE, The Professional Summarizer



"I really want to personally thank you for what the Cigar PEG did for the members of NSA New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The financial contributions made all the difference in the world to so many members who were hurting so badly. Because the Cigar PEG contributed very quickly to NSA's relief efforts, 28 of our members each received $1,000 of immediate assistance in the first week after Hurricane Katrina, when they were living in far flung places and rapidly spending their savings without any new revenue coming in. In the days that followed many more NSA members gave so generously."  -Gerard Braud


2014 Cigar PEG Benefactor Members

(Please thank each of them at the NSA Convention for their continued support.)


Dan Poynter, CSP


Joe Vitale



Do It! Marketing Book Trailer from david newman on Vimeo.



Stephanie Vance, CSP


Judson Laipply



Mary Kelly


Aidan Crawford



Carolyn Strauss



Alan Weiss

Webmaster: Ed Rigsbee  / ed@cigarpeg.com 

The Cigar PEG is not one of NSA's official PEGs, just the most inclusive, fun, and philanthropic of any in NSA's history--official or unofficial.